This Dude’s Mailing Tennis Balls To Complete Strangers And The Reason Why Makes Me Want To Hug My Dog ASAP

Instagram user imso is mailing out 100 tennis balls to completely random strangers. He’s covering all of the mailing costs, and he’s sending them to anyone that emails or direct messages him their name + address. The reason this bro’s mailing tennis balls to complete strangers is because two years ago he lost his best friend in the world, his dog named ‘everything’. Everything appears to have been one hell of a pup, and truly a man’s best friend. She left such a lasting impact on this bro’s life that he’s mailing out these tennis balls in order to encourage people to go spend more time with their dogs. Here’s his story:

If for whatever reason the text was cut off on that Instagram, here’s what it says:

On Jan 23 I’ll mark 2 years without my best friend. I purchased 100 tennis balls last week. I plan on sending them to anyone who wants one. I hope that all the people who get a ball from me will use it to spend some quality time with their best friend. If you would like a ball please email me your name and address and I will send you one. Direct message on IG works too. If you know someone who might like a ball feel free to tag them. I cover all costs… My email is The artwork on the flyer was put together kindly by @steezjuice.. #tennisballsforeverything

He’s still got some tennis balls left, so if you bros are interested in receiving one or sending one to somebody you know then follow the instructions below and you’ll get that tennis ball in the mail! And if you’re thinking ‘this doesn’t apply to me, I spend all the time in the world with my dog’ I’d ask that you just consider this a random act of kindness, and get involved.

About two weeks ago I was catching up with an old friend who recently got engaged, and we were crushing some Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPAs when out of nowhere he busted out a stack of postcards. He asked me to pick one, and send a random postcard to the first person that jumped into my mind. The first person I thought of was an older cousin of mine who has been grappling with some pretty serious medical issues, and I heard back from them not too long ago about how amazing and refreshing it was to receive that postcard out of the blue. These random acts of kindness DO improve people’s mood, so get involved. Maybe get one of these tennis balls yourself, maybe send it to a friend or relative, and maybe afterwards you can consider paying it forward and sending out some tennis balls yourself to spread the love around…because there’s no better friend in the world than your dog. Lastly, if you don’t have a dog I’d encourage you to go get one because they’ll change your lives forever. (h/t Reddit)

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