Would You Bang This 3D Printed Futuristic Sex Robot?

Cesar Vonc is a 3D artist from France who’s submitted a futuristic sex robot for competition in a 2014 robotics contest.

It seems that due to the nature of his art, most people assumed this was some sort of art installation and not an actual sex robot at all, but they were all wrong. Cesar Vonc thinks this freaky sex robot could be the future of man-on-robot love.

I could easily be wrong, but I tend to think that when it comes to banging sex robots there are two types of guys: those who will and those who won’t. There’s no grey area here, either you have what it takes to insert your manhood inside a robot or that’s something that is so ludicrous you couldn’t even begin to wrap your mind around such a thing…I guess I fall in the latter category. That said, I fully get that a sex robot is something that guys in the world will want…so that begs the question, would you bang this robot in particular?

I see some robot booby action in addition to what are presumably anatomically correct orifices…but I’m still at a loss as to how dudes would get on board with banging this?

So I’m curious, would any of you bros be interested by something like this? No judgment, just curiosity. Answers down below in the comments.

For more on the sex robot you can read Sploid, or check out the artist’s site HERE.


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