These Are The Drunkest Places In America

According to smartphone breathalyzer BACtrack, December is one of the biggest drinking months of the year due to the holidays, football, college breaks, and a variety of other factors.

BACtrack is a smartphone breathalyzer where users can test their BAC (Blood Alcohol Consumption content) in order to know if they’re safe to drive or not. The app is great and its’ definitely saving lives and drunk people from getting DUI’s…but it’s also randomly tracking data and collating it onto a map so we can see where the drunkest cities and states in America are (and the most sober).

From the BACtrack Consumption Report:

For the second time this year, BACtrack shares consumer Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) data for review and analysis. The data provides insight into alcohol consumption patterns around the nation.

Nearly 300,000 BAC test results were aggregated anonymously from users of BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack’s award-winning smartphone breathalyzer, and BACtrack Vio, BACtrack’s newest smartphone breathalyzer. The data, collectively called the BACtrack Consumption Report, will be regularly updated and analyzed to provide insight into global drinking habits.

So what did they find? Well, the East Coast outdrinks the West Coast and it’s not even close. Not a single city on the West Coast cracked the top 5:

And here’s a look at the nation to see how your city/state stacks up to the rest:

And here’s how our drinking habits track throughout the year:

For more data you can head on over to read on TotalFratMove by clicking HERE.


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