According To Study, If You’re An Extrovert, You’re Having WAY More Sex Than Those Shy Introverted People

Good news if you have an outgoing, rambunctious personality, bros, because a new study just discovered that those described as having extroverted personalities are having way more sex than those of introverts—and it’s not even close, honestly.

Brian Little, a personality psychologist and professor at Cambridge University, delivered the results during a TED Conference, highlighting the fact that extroverted men and women can have almost DOUBLE the shagging of introverts.

Per DailyMail:

Extroverted men reported having sex 5.5 times a month on average, compared to 3 times for introverted men.

Extroverted women had even more sex 7.5 times a month, compared to the introverts who had it 3.1 times a month.

The study was conducted by university students in West Germany, which used a standard personality test to determine their personality type, then categorized those volunteers into extroverts and introverts to figure out how much banging they were really doing.

According to Little, extroverts “need stimulation,” meaning they’re often more prone to talking about their sex lives and “stand close, make eye contact, have a mutual gaze. When an extrovert meets [someone named] Charles, it rapidly becomes Charlie, Chuck, and Chuckles Baby. Introverts stay with Charles until they’re given a pass to be more intimate,” says Little.

This isn’t to say that all of us need to get all loud-mouthed and talk to everyone and everything in sight—because there are advantages to being an introvert, like the penchant to have a meaningful conversation with a friend over small talk with a stranger—but, if you want to have more sex, it might be best to break out of your shell, guys.


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