This Survey Found That A LOT Of Straight People In NYC Have Fantasized About Gay Sex

The NYPost recently conducted a sex survey with 2000 New Yorkers as participants. While the survey touched on a number of sexually related topics — such as how ofter folks watch porn, if people use sex toys, what famous couple everyone wants to have a threesome with, and much more — one particular question stood out. Well, it stood out because its answer was unexpected.

If you identify as straight, have you ever fantasized about gay sex?

Yes 47%

If you identify as gay, have you ever fantasized about heterosexual sex?

Yes 70%

So out of 2000 people, more than half — no matter their sexuality — have fantasized about fucking a person of a gender other than the one they claim to want to fuck on the reg. That. Seems. High. Or maybe the other 1000 people who were surveyed, that  aren’t fantasizing about fucking other dudes, or chicks, or whatever, are just not “with the times.” One things for sure,  they are going to be furious when they read the survey to see that they squandered all this time fantasizing about banging Betty when they could have been day-dreaming about butt-fucking Fred. They will never get that time back. Poor bastards.

Another part of the survey that struck me with a feeling of “well, that can’t be right” is the amount of people who claimed to have had sex in a cab, on the subway, or on a bus.

Have you ever had sex on the subway, on a bus or in a cab?

Yes 48%

Again… That. Seems. High. I’m sure people are fucking each other’s brains out on public transportation, but I refuse to believe that out of a pool of 2000 “randomly selected” New Yorkers that 48% of them answered yes to that question. Maybe they were confused when they answered? Maybe they thought that a heavy make-out sesh with light finger-popping and an over the pants HJ counted as “sex.” (I mean, who hasn’t done that on a 3am cab ride home before?) But that shouldn’t count. And if that isn’t the explanation as to how 48% of people answered yes to that question then I need to reconsider ever sitting down on NYC public transportation altogether. “Yeah, I need to go to Broadway and Houston, but first let me run this blue light over the upholstery.”

[H/T NY Post]

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.