Someone Left Sex Toys All Over This Neighborhood, Residents Seem Unfazed By Prank

I’m 30 years old and I’ve come to realize a few things in my life.

First, I can no longer party like I used to. Second, farts, no matter how old you get, are always funny. Third, when talking about sex, it’s either hilarious or super awkward. This story falls under the very last thing.

Thanks to a few, unknown pranksters in the Liverpool neighborhood of Sefton Park, residents were greeted with more than a few sex toys on their cars, in their gardens and lying around on the streets.

According to a Mirror.CO.UK story, one man said:

“There was a giant one on the bonnet of the car and when my wife left the house there was one on her car as well and there were a few on the neighbours too. I think people took them off their cars as they left the house and threw them to the road. I did find another two in the gutter on Saturday afternoon.” He added: “I have two little kids and they thought it was absolutely priceless. They were very excited about telling people in school what they had woken up to.”

While sex toys aren’t often a topic people discuss on the reg, when giant, silicon wieners are stuck to your car, you can’t help but chuckle—well, as long as the thing’s not used, that would just be disgusting.

With such success, I really hope that this becomes a common theme, with pranksters upping the ante each time they do it.

[H/T Mirror.CO.UK]

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