Science Says We Are Going Be Having Lots Of Sex With Robots In The Not-Too-Distant Future

We’ve seen our fair share of stories about the future and whether or not we, as humans, are going to be having sex with robots. The consensus seems to lean pretty heavily towards yes, we will be banging artificial beings sometime down the road.

And now science has once again confirmed this theory. However, it might not be happening for you and me, but rather it’ll be our kids who are doing the boinking with cyborgs in the not-to-distant future.

According to The Independent

An expert on the psychology of sex has claimed that not only does she expect having sex with robots to be socially acceptable by 2070, but it may be more popular than intercourse with other humans.

I could see that. Stupid humans…

But won’t we miss that oh-so-special human contact?

“Currently the lack of human contact could be harmful. Humans are naturally sociable and a lack of human contact could lead to loneliness which is linked to various mental and physical health problems,” [Dr. Helen Driscoll of the University of Sunderland] said. “But, in the long term, technology may overcome these problems.”

“When eventually there are intelligent robots indistinguishable from humans – apart from their lack of bad habits, imperfections and need for investment – not only are we likely to choose them over ‘real’ humans but psychologically we will not suffer if we are not able to tell the difference.”

I think what she’s saying there is that we can have sex with the robots and still be able to hang out with the guys and let ourselves turn into lazy sacks of shit who sit around watching sports all the time and no one is going to care.

At least that’s my take. Could be wrong.

Robogirl image by Shutterstock