New Survey Reveals The Sexiest And Best Places To Get Some Sweet Bedroom Action On Vacation

sexiest most romantic places


Travel site Expedia polled 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 for their opinions on a wide variety of questions for their “Heat Index.” The results were quite fascinating to say the least.

Two of those questions were where are the sexiest and the most romantic places to visit on vacation? The top answer for both was the same. Can you guess what it was? Paris, of course. So cliche. But still good to know, because as we know “romantic” is simply code for sexy time.

But that wasn’t the only interesting thing Expedia found out. They also learned…

— 5% of Americans have gone topless in public while on holiday. 3% have gone fully nude.

— 21% of Americans report having been intimate with a partner in a hot tub while on holiday. 4% have done so in a rental car.

— 12% of Americans have engaged in a holiday fling with someone they met on vacation.

— 7% of Americans have either ended, or considered ending, a relationship while on holiday with that partner.

— 29% of Americans consider “1 to 3 months” as the appropriate time in a new relationship to take an overnight trip. 27% believe 4-8 months is more appropriate.

— And 2% of Americans have been intimate with “a hotel employee, flight attendant or tour guide” that they met on vacation.

Here are the top ten sexiest cities overall, according to the survey…

1) Paris
2) Las Vegas
3) Cancun
4) Bahamas
5) Miami
6) Barcelona
7) New York City
8) Rio de Janeiro
9) St. Thomas
10) Jamaica

And the 10 most romantic…
1) Paris
2) Bahamas
3) Cancun
4) Barcelona
5) London
6) New York City
7) Las Vegas
8) St. Thomas
9) St. Martin
10) San Francisco

Check out all the details and even more data from Expedia’s “Heat Index” here.

Couple in Paris image by Shutterstock