Bros Beware: There’s A Sexy Robot On Tinder Duping Guys To Promote A SXSW Movie

So you’re at SXSW to check out some really cool films and/or bands and maybe you get lonely so you hit up Tinder to investigate the Austin female populace. You meet this beautiful chick and despite her interactions seeming a bit androidish, she doesn’t seem to be a porn bot. After several back-and-forth communiqués you suddenly realize, “Fuck! I’ve been hoodwinked!” It has happened to us all guys. Happened to us all. However this adorable spam bot in particular has a dubious marketing agenda.

Bros in the Austin area, be advised that if you meet this cute 25-year-old girl on Tinder named Ava that it is not something you want, unless you like sci-fi movies that is. Tinder users met the lovely lass on the dating app and soon found that things were not as they seem. One individual put forth the effort to talk to the woman and then traded text messages. Here was the exchange.

However when he clicked Ava’s Instagram, there was only one photo and one video, both promoting a science fiction movie titled Ex Machina, that just happened to be premiering Saturday night at SXSW. The link in her bio conveniently takes you to the film’s website. The cute girl in the photo is Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, who plays an artificial intelligence in the movie. Here is the actual Instagram account of the girl in the photo if you’re still thirsty.

Now is this genius marketing or low-down dirty, deceptive spamming?