Shaq Surprised That Dunking Cop And The Gainesville Community With A Pick-Up Game Like A True Bro

by 3 years ago

You bros remember that Gainesville, Florida cop who responded to a noise complaint of kids playing basketball in the street by engaging a group of them and then aggressively dunking (on a lowered hoop)? We posted about it because we are on the front lines of the Bro Move Movement.

It got a lot of attention for all the right reasons and was a great scene all-around.

Well the plot has thickened for the better, as NBA Legend and incredible actor in Kazaam, Shaquille O’Neill, caught wind of Officer Bobby White’s act of decency and decided to reward the neighborhood kids and the Gainesville Police Dept. with a pickup game and some inspirational advice.

The only unfortunate part about the whole experience is that it is blatantly obvious that a grand total of zero Gainesville police officers have ever touched a basketball in their lives. I’d be kind of embarrassed of this monstrosity going public. Just stomping on James Naismith’s grave.

[h/t Uproxx]

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