SHARK FIGHT! SHARK FIGHT! SHARK FIGHT! Enormous Tiger Shark Vs. Hammerhead Shark!

Shark Vs. Shark. Hammerhead Vs. Tiger Shark. Beast Vs. Beast. This underwater fight to the death between two vicious combatants happened over the weekend in off the coast of Venice, Louisiana.

Fisherman Ryan Willsea got a front row seat to this brutal display of the circle of life and called it “the coolest thing he’d ever seen.” The battle involved a 7-foot-long hammerhead shark and a 1,000-pound tiger shark.

Pelagic Charters shared the incredible footage and described the unbelievable scene:

So this happened last week tuna fishing. We catch a hammerhead while tuna fishing and a large, 13-14 tiger shark lurked him up from the deep and proceeded to stalk him boat side and eventually ate him next to my boat. All on go pro video. 10 Minutes to be exact. This is for perspective. Hammerhead is 7 ft or so.

If you bet on the tiger shark then you can collect your money.

It did not go well for the hammerhead, as it got a large chunk of its body chomped off.

The moral of the story is that big fish eat smaller fish, so be the bigger fish.