Camera Captures Footage Of Shark Swimming In Active Volcano Because Sharks Are The New Honey Badgers

I’m considering this post my ‘All Things #SharkWeek’ round up, because it covers the two most important stories of Shark Week: a shark discovered swimming (and hunting) in an active volcano, and the fact that sharks are really into Death Metal music.

First up we’ve got this footage of a shark swimming and hunting inside of an active volcano in the Solomon Islands. The volcano’s not currently spewing lava, obviously, or the shark wouldn’t be able to get close enough. But this is a submarine volcano that’s known to erupt on the reg, creating extremely hostile temperatures and highly acidic waters, an ecosystem a shark would normally avoid at all costs.

But as I said in the headline, sharks are the new honey badgers. That hammerhead doesn’t care that the volcano could go up at any moment. That hammerhead’s there for a meal of snapper and/or stingray, and the fact that the hunting grounds are a hostile environment means nothing. One thing of note here is that we actually don’t know everything there is to know about why a hammerhead’s head is shaped the way it is. Many think it’s tied to hunting, others think it may provide a magnetic censor or censors of other sorts. So it’s actually quite fascinating that of all sharks to find in an active volcano it would be a hammerhead.

Next up: SHARKS LOVE DEATH METAL. It’s true. Well, at least according to this clip of marine researchers attracting sharks by using underwater speakers and blaring death metal:

The logic here being that the shark’s acoustic sensors are always on high alert for struggling fish and potential prey, and the death metal genre most closely mimics that sound.

FACT: Death Metal = Dying Fish.

Tip of the hat to TheBlaze for the volcano shark video and AOL for the death metal.