Absolutely Gigantic Alligator Known As ‘Sherman The Tank’ Seen On South Carolina Golf Course

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Last week a long-time resident of Fripp Island, South Carolina crawled out of a swamp and onto the golf course, shocking golfers and a group of deer standing nearby. The alligator is known locally as ‘Sherman the Tank’, and he’s believed to be between 12 to 14 feet in length. This absolutely gigantic alligator is also believed to be over 30 years old, and could even be over 60 years old.

Video of this dinosaur-sized alligator was captured by a woman named Jessica Miller and later shared by the Fripp Island Activity Center, and this footage gives you some sense of just how mind-blowlingly enormous this alligator known as ‘Sherman the Tank’ really is (via FrippIslandActivityCenter Facebook):


This is by no means the longest alligator in the South. It is the tank-sized chest and gullet that makes Sherman the Tank look so darn enormous. Seeing an alligator this size is incredibly rare, and I’d suspect that you’d be 10000x more likely to see alligators this big in Texas, Florida, or Louisiana.

The Texas state record alligator was caught last October and at 13-feet-long it was estimated to weigh over 900 pounds. The Mississippi state record gator clocked in at 13.5 feet and weighed 792 pounds. And then there were these two bros who caught a 765-pound alligator named ‘Lumpy’ in Florida. Based on the photographs of all those gators I’d say that ‘Sherman the Tank’ is right up there in terms of weight…Wouldn’t you agree?

Also, do we think his snout is cracked on the top or is that just debris?

I’m going with broken snout. His legs are scraped up as well. Looks to me like ‘Sherman the Tank’ has been defending his territory during alligator mating season.

(h/t Mirror UK)

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