You Shouldn’t Need Celebrities to Tell You Not To Rape, But Here Are Some Anyway

The world is a weird place. I don’t mean that in a particularly positive or negative way. I just mean that lots of times you look at it and think ‘that shouldn’t be how things work.’

There is a severe problem with sexual assaults on college campuses. It’s heinous and shouldn’t be happening. To help address/rectify the problem, the White House tapped a bunch of celebrities (Daniel Craig, Steve Carrell, Seth Meyers) to record a PSA about the issue.

And it will probably work. Some college Bro will says, “Daniel Craig said ‘no means no’ and he was in Skyfall, which was dope, so I’m not going to ruin a girl’s life just to get a nut.”

That’s great and all, but it’s weird, right? It’s weird that we are wired that way.

“If I rape a girl, the guy who made Evan Almighty won’t respect me.”

Oh well. Here’s the PSA. It’s really good.

[H/T @morninggloria]