This Guy Shoved A Three-Foot Long EEL Up His Ass For Sexytimes And Of Course There’s A Video Of It Getting Removed

If you clicked on this you’re a sick, sick little fuck. But hey, I clicked on it too so who am I to sling mud? The South Americna Lungfish, which is the “eel” in question (don’t get your panties in a twist over semantics, it looks like a goddamn eel) can grow up to 4 feet long according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, and from the looks of the surgical video this one looks like it made it to 3 feet before this unnamed guy decided it’d be a good idea to shove it up his asshole.

The fish, identified as a South American lungfish in the video was removed from the anus of a Brazilian man who supposedly tried to have a good time with the fish but that didn’t go so hot.

“Unfortunately,” the LiveLeak user writes in the video description, “the staff from the Hospital Universitário (University Hospital) in Londrina filmed the surgery and posted the video on the internet, immortalizing his sexual deviancy gone bad.”

Via Death and Taxes

Now, as for the video in question…it’s gross. Like I don’t give a shit about gore and the fact that this guy’s insides are exposed, but that eel fish thing looks like a giant leech and I am NOT about that leech life (hooray Pokemon puns). But you’ve already gotten this far, so you may as well finish the race while you’re at it.

Click here to watch it. I wanted to embed it but apparently we at BroBible have “standards” or some such nonsense, and a video of a guy getting an eel pulled out of his ass doesn’t quite cut it here. Who woulda guessed?

[H/T Death and Taxes]