In The Boldest Move Of All Time, A Groom’s Side Chick Attends His Wedding Wearing The Same Dress As The Bride

by 1 year ago

This is what happens when you’re born without a backbone. Although I suppose this could also be what happens when the groom marries for money. Maybe the chick he really loves is poor as shit and his bride is his ticket to a life of luxury. That’s a real predicament. A situation like that can confuse a man. On one hand you have this side chick who you really want to be with, on the other hand you have a ton of money and a chick you think you can learn to love. Tough one.

If it’s not money, though, this dude needed to grow a sack a few weeks ago and call off the wedding, because this marriage is doomed from day one.

According to the YouTube description:

While the wedding ceremony was under way, the bride and groom noticed a surprise guest. The groom’s secret girlfriend invited herself to the wedding but her presence wasn’t the only shocker. It was actually her attire that turned heads. She actually arrived at the ceremony wearing a wedding dress identical to the one the bride wore. Needless to say, the wedding ceremony – which was supposed to be a romantic occasion – took an abrupt nosedive and a knockdown, drag-out fight ensued.

If I was the bride I would be less mad at the side chick and more mad at the person in my inner circle who leaked my wedding dress information to the side chick.

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