If You’ve Gotta Pick a Movie Scene for a Sign Off Post, It Might As Well Be This One

by 6 years ago

You probably don't realize it, but BroBible.com is pretty goddam fucking brilliant piece of internet. “A website for all things Bro. For Bro, by Bros,” it's one of the few sites that lives up to its promise. Be it the solid chunk of manspeak J Camm has carved out with Ask a Bro, coming of age epics, your daily dose of time-wasters, or news that's actually important, you come here because you'll leave with something that's now a part of you. It's BroBible's spectrum, Zedd fan or otherwise, that really makes this place a top tier #standout. You get tips on taking a shit, right next to hilarious email wars between frats and sororities, right next real talk about drifting apart from your best friend. It's like if McDonalds merged with Buffalo Wild Wings, which then merged with Smith & Wollensky. A Golden Corral of content. Better tasting though.  

What I'm trying to say is that it's been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the talented and dedicated people that keep this thing going. Hopping on the BroBible gravy train was a good decision on your part. Things around here only tend to get bigger and better. Thanks for playing a much appreciated role, and thanks for caring enough to click on those upside-down blue cups. This website is like James Blunt's life.

It was either this, or that “I Drink Your Milkshake” scene from There Will be Blood. Rap game Stevie Chay.