Top 10 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Way Too Jealous (AKA Signs You Need To Run And Run Fast)

by 3 years ago
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YouTube - AskMen

When I started watching this video by AskMen covering 10 signs that your girlfriend is way too jealous I thought it might provide a few mildly interesting tips. Little did I know that it would damn near make me afraid to ever date anyone ever again. Jeezus.

Do girlfriends who do all of these things really exist? Please tell me that they don’t.

Good god, man, if your girlfriend does even one third of these things, I’m no Dr. Phil, but you really need to think about moving to another state and maybe even changing your name. This is some Fatal Attraction-level shit.

Spoiler list below the video…

10. You can’t mention another woman.
9. She accuses you of flirting with other women.
8. She won’t let you out of her sight.
7. She monitors your every move online.
6. She demands you cut ties with your ex.
5. She’s constantly insecure about the relationship.
4. She asks loaded questions that don’t have a correct answer.
3. She doesn’t want to hear your good news.
2. Every fight stems from her jealous nature.
1. It’s impossible for a jealous person to change.

Of course for a full explanation of each of these items you’ll have to watch the video or you can read this.

That being said, does any of this sound familiar? If so, you might want to start sleeping with one eye open.