Six Flags Great Adventure Just Topped Off a Certifiably Insane 41-Story Roller Coaster

Looking for a nice place to vomit in public this summer? Try Jackson, New Jersey, home of Six Flags Great Adventure and its newest ride, “Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom,” a ride so nuts it’s forcing me to write about Six Flags Great Adventure for the first time since a summer report in third grade.

Here’s what it entails: you hop in an eight-person gondola. In 30 seconds, you’re shot to the top of a 415-foot structure—that’s 41 stories, or about 100 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty.

After taking in a brief moment to enjoy the New Jersey view, you’re thrown to the ground at 90 miles per hour, reaching the floor in less than 10 seconds, meaning at the ride’s peak you’re traveling 41 feet/second. To make matters more fun, your gondola is located directly beside “Kingda Ka,” the world’s tallest roller coaster, so you’ll have company while plummeting to your death.

Here’s an animation of the ride. I think Six Flags blew all its money before it got to the computer graphics.

It should go without saying that Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is the world’s tallest drop ride.

It’s also the equivalent of someone getting drunk on Roller Coaster Tycoon and trying to kill every guest in the park. It is awesome. I must ride it.

[H/T: Uproxx]