These Are The Six Most Terrifying Mouths In The Animal Kingdom, 100% Concentrated NOPE Fuel

I hope you bros weren’t planning on sleeping anytime soon, because your dreams will never be the same after seeing the insides of the most terrifying animal mouths in the world (or should I say nightmares?). Below I’ve put together a list of the six most horrific mouths in the Animal Kingdom, mouths so horrific that they look like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

These aren’t Sci-Fi monsters though, these terrifying animal mouths come from some of the most well known animals on Planet Earth. I’m talking about birds, fish, camels, all species you know very well and have probably seen in nature. You might think that penguins are cute but wait until you get a look at the inside of a penguin’s mouth, you’ll never go to the zoo again. Camels? They’re goofy looking, and one of the oldest domesticated animals on planet earth…but have you seen a camel’s mouth before? Just get ready to say ‘NOPE’ on repeat as you scroll through the pictures below, of the most horrifying mouths in the animal kingdom.

The 6 Most Terrifying Mouths In The Animal Kingdom

First up on this list is the goose. Everyone knows the goose from fairy tales but most people don’t know what the inside of a goose’s mouth looks like:

Never will I look at a goose the same again.

Next up is the penguin. Penguins are small, adorable, and you’d never think that inside of a penguin’s beak is the most terrifying vortex of NOPE imaginable:

Let’s take a closer look:

Pure nightmare fuel.

Next on the list is the Sheepshead Fish. It’s one of the most common fish in the ocean, one you’ve undoubtedly seen on a seafood menu before, and one that you might have even eaten yourself. If you’ve never seen the inside of a sheepshead’s mouth you should know this: they’re more human-like than anything you’ve ever seen before:

I was actually fishing for these fucked up fish just two weeks ago (yes, that’s me in the picture above, go ahead and make your jokes), and we caught about 20 of them in one day. My buddy and I went through about 10 jig heads because the sheepshead kept mangling our hooks with their messed up humanoid teeth.

Ah, the hippo. Everyone knows the hippopotamus, and most people know that the hippo is actually the deadliest animal on the continent of Africa. One look at a hippo’s crooked ass teeth (all cracked up and everything) tells you everything you need to know about the hippo, and why you want to stay as far away as possible from the mouth of a hippo:

Everyone’s seen a camel before. You’ve probably even looked at a camel’s mouth, because they’ve got those goofy gums and they always appear to be chewing. I’m guessing that you’ve never looked inside of a camel’s mouth before, because if you had then you’d probably be locked up in a mental institution:

Last, but certainly not least, is the Leatherback Sea Turtle. One of the most revered animals in the world, sea turtles can live for like a hundred years (or more). The sea turtles in Finding Nemo stole the show, but that probably wouldn’t have been the case if most people knew what the inside of a sea turtle’s mouth looks like….WARNING: one glance at this and you’ll never go near the ocean again:

Well, bros, that about wraps it up. Those were the six most fucked up and terrifying mouths in the animal kingdom: goose, penguin, sheepshead fish, camel, and sea turtle. There are some more terrifying animal mouths out there (lamprey, I’m looking at you), but I wanted to keep today’s list strictly to the heavy hitters, and I think we accomplished that goal here today.

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