Skinned And Gutted ZOMBIE Snakes Are Here To Haunt Your Goddamn Nightmares

by 4 years ago


Do you want to see something freaky?

Are you sure?

It might make you puke up your Wheaties.

If you wanna see it, you can, just don’t get mad at me when you spew cold-pressed spirulina juice all over pantaloons.

This may be the weirdest, grossest, spine-chilling video of the day/week/month/year. The unadulterated nightmare fuel features a rattlesnake that has been skinned, plus had all of it’s innards gutted and decapitated for good measure. This serpent seemingly rises from the dead to slither around like a possessed zombie snake.


Fucking settle down snake, now is not the time to lose one’s head. The nerve of this reptile to freak everyone out with its post-mortem muscle reflexes.

This snake had to be dead for a while to be skinned and gutted, yet there it is wriggling around like the contents of my underpants as a peruse Sara Underwood’s Instagram.

Even after dying, snakes still want to haunt your goddamn nightmares.


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