What The Hell Is Slithering Around In This Guy’s Burger?

You’ve got cheeseburgers burgers, veggie burgers, salmon burgers, lamb burgers, crab burgers and now bug burgers.

We take you to Gateshead, England where a 28-year-old man got a special burger topping. It wasn’t bacon, avocados or fried shallots, it was a squirming, live caterpillar. He ordered a burger at Ed’s Easy Diner and received this lil green worm for free. You want flies with that?

The guy and his girlfriend left the dining establishment in horror of the creepy crawler burger. “I was sick later that evening,” the man said. “I just couldn’t believe it, it was like something from a nightmare.”

The following day the girlfriend contacted the restaurant, but received no response. Her father then stepped in and the restaurant offered them a gift certificate for about $75 as well as a donation of about $150 to a charity of the man’s choice.

“I’d rather they gave £150 to charity,” the anonymous man said. “I’ve not thought which yet but possibly a wildlife one.”

“We took immediate steps to resolve the problem and are confident the diner is back to our usual exacting standards.” said a spokesperson for the diner. “All our lettuce leaves are washed and sanitized individually. We invest considerable time and resource in maintaining the highest possible food hygiene standards and have an excellent track record.”

To be fair, that caterpillar was probably the healthiest thing in that meal.