Snake Regurgitates Live Snake And You Can’t Unsee All This Nope

by 2 years ago

Want to see a snake puke out another snake in a strange and mesmerizing snakeception? Christopher Reynolds caught this snake regurgitating a fellow snake on Sunday in Newton, Texas.

The snake vomits out another snake, who isn’t that much smaller. The snake was still alive when it was puked out.

I think we’ve got a critic over here.

Some may think this snake has a big modeling gig coming up so it puked up its dinner so the meal didn’t go straight to its hips(?), but there seems to be a more believable reason for the sudden regurgitation. It is said that snakes will puke up their recently eaten meal if they sense danger nearby so that they can wiggle away easily. With two humans only inches away this snake may have wanted to lose his lunch so that he could escape.

It’s like when you’re on a diet and your trainer catches you eating an entire pizza.

That gag reflex tho.

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