Girl On Snapchat Thinks She’s Saving A Turtle, Except It’s A Tortoise And She Murdered It And I Can’t Stop Laughing

I know I shouldn’t be laughing here, because that girl just brutally murdered a tortoise and there’s nothing funny about that at all, but I just cannot stop myself. There’s something about this girl’s innocence in what she’s doing, her complete obliviousness to the fact that she’s killing animals combined with her ‘holier than thou’ attitude and message about saving turtles, when those two are crossed in this video it punches me right in the funny bone. She’s just so fucking proud of herself for ‘saving a turtle’ when in fact she just chucked a gopher tortoise from dry land to his watery grave:

For those of you that don’t know/understand by now: gopher tortoises are land-based reptiles and CANNOT swim. So by tossing that tortoise into the water she immediately sent him to the afterlife. And I fully understand that not everyone in the world has a vast knowledge of animals and all the various species, but holy shit! If you’re going to go around messing with animals you at least need to know what they are.

This would be like if a child who is interested in catching snakes were to roll up on a coral snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in the Southeastern United States, and pick it up thinking it was a milk snake. A mistake like this could get you seriously, seriously injured. This is why you don’t mess around in nature when it’s with something you don’t know jackshit about.

Anyways, this girl gets an A++ for effort and an F for the execution: