SNL Tackles Tom Brady And The New England Patriots Over DeflateGate

Saturday Night Live jumped on with the rest of the media by over-inflating the DeflateGate non-scandal.

In the bit that goes completely flat at times Beck Bennett plays Bill Belichick and does a good job of being the anti-social New England Patriots coach. He deflects the blame and throws his quarterback under the bus for the DeflateGate controversy. Meanwhile Tom Brady, played by Taran Killam, pretends to know nothing about deflated footballs, “science computers” and “nerd stuff” like air pressure. Brady then attempts to change the subject to his former teammate Aaron Hernandez who is to soon be on trial for murder.

Brady then introduces assistant equipment co-manager Dougie Spoons, played by Bobby Moynihan. Spoons admits that he has a man-crush on the Patriots quarterback and throws out A Few Good Men lines. Dougie finally admits that he was the one who over-inflated the balls. Good. Great. Can we move on now?