Snoop Dogg Hit Up Ken Bone On Twitter To Come Over And Smoke Weed With Him, Bone’s Response Was A+


Getty - CNN

Ken Bone. Will we ever get tired of you? Answer: yes, as soon as the next great meme rolls around.

But for now, you, Ken Bone, are THE MAN.

We need look no further for proof of that fact than this tweet Snoop Dogg hisdamnself sent out to “The Boninator.” (Just made that up.)

Naturally, Ken would have to change his sweater color to hang with Snoop.

So what did Mr. Bone have to say in response to this incredible offer?

Typo notwithstanding, awesome. Typical Ken Bone.

Now get out there and buy your Ken Bone Halloween costume before it’s too late, people. They’re going fast, for obvious reasons.

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