The Infamous Snow Penis In Sweden Got Removed So Some Hero Went Out And Drew An EVEN BIGGER ONE

On Wednesday we reported about a penis that had been drawn into the snow on a frozen river in Gothenburg, Sweden. As funny as any snow penis is, and they’re all funny, this one was made even more amusing by the fact that city officials there said they were powerless to remove it because the ice was too thin.

Here was the penis in question…

Turns out that despite the fact that city officials said they couldn’t remove it a local building exteriors cleaning company went ahead and did it anyway, according to the Mirror.

Way to spoil the fun, right?

Turns out that as a result of its removal a swell of social media started up, highlighted by a dedicated Facebook group who demanded the return of the snow penis. This got the attention of Emilian Sava, the man who the Mirror reports removed the initial snow penis, and so he went ahead and did what was right. He got out his snowblower and created a new, MUCH larger snow penis.

He even made a video chronicling his removal and subsequent return of the now famous snow graffiti. See? Sometimes social media CAN be used for good.

H/T Mirror; Snowman image by Shutterstock

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