New Service Will Ship Boston Snow To Your Friends — Or Enemies — And It’s Got The Best Business Name Ever

Boston has been hit with a ton of snow this winter. It’s probably payback from God for deflating footballs or because Belichick is such a walking douche.

Whatever the reason, Boston residents are looking to unload some of the white stuff (not that white stuff) and a bro had the idea to mail the stuff to people who could use some powder from above.

It’s the genius-ly named Ship Snow, Yo! and here’s how it works:

And one Boston man decided that enough was enough. As Kyle Waring was shoveling snow, yet again, from his yard an idea hit him: to get as much snow out of the Northeast as possible. So he created, where people can buy and send Boston snow to their friends, families or — if they so choose — enemies.

The catch? The recipient cannot live in the Northeast. After all, that would defeat the purpose of Waring’s mission.

Here’s the best snow deal running right now — 6 pounds of snow for a measly $89!

Send snow to friends, foes or even your boss. That icy bitch.

[H/T: College Now]

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