Snowmobiler Gets Trapped Under A MASSIVE Avalanche, Gets Rescued By Friend Wearing A GoPro

by 2 years ago


There’s some pretty sloppy winter backcountry skills on display in this video. For starters, this snowmobiler’s balls are bigger than his head and he goes up a steep slope that clearly has an unstable snowpack. He carelessly triggered an avalanche that probably would have taken his life if his buddies weren’t around. Second, he didn’t pull his avalanche airbag the second the pack started to give way under him. Hell, I don’t know if he even had one on.

This guy is lucky his friends were nearby and spotted him in the snow. He is even luckier that he landed head-up in the snowpack afterwards, because otherwise I’m not sure they would have spotted him.

Be careful out there, Bros.

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