LOL – Someone Hacked Kylie Jenner’s Twitter And Tweeted ‘I Love Being So Famous With No Talent’

Despite being famous giving you a slew of perks, including but not limited to: getting laid basically whenever you want, having money, buying expensive things, getting free shit just for being you, etc. But there’s one thing, ONE THING us plebs have got on people like Kylie Jenner and literally every other celebrity:

No one is rooting for us to fail.

Think about how many people hate Kylie Jenner just because she’s a Kardashian – now think about how many of those people possess the computer skills to hack her Twitter account. No idea how many that is, but all that matters is that one of them actually followed through and gained access to her account, starting off with the fire message:

Not wrong.

Again, not wrong.

Probably not wrong.

There were others, but they were mostly just circlejerking over the group of hackers who made it into Jenner’s account:

Let’s hope the hackers make their way into her account again, as the world is always a better place when the Kardashian/Jenner clan are getting viciously lampooned.

[H/T Daily Mail]