This Bro’s Insane Jump Roping Technique Is Proof That Cyborgs Already Walk Among Us

by 2 years ago
jump roping


Up until this moment, I’ve never in my life been impressed by someone skipping rope. In fact, if you’d asked me earlier this morning if it was even possible to ‘wow’ someone with skipping rope techniques I’d have told you hell no. But here we are, with me wondering just how in the fuck this cyborg is going through life and convincing people that he’s a living/breathing human being:

According to Mashable, this technique is employed by the world’s fastest rope skippers. They counted this dude’s jumps-per-second and they found that he’s jumping approximately 5x per second….Which, let’s be honest, is fucking insane. The Guinness World Record was set by someone pulling off the same insane technique:

There’s not a single thing that I’m capable of doing at a rate of 5x-per-second other than ‘ignoring all of my worldly responsibilities’. That’s probably the only thing I could be competitive at in the world of speed competition.

(h/t Mashable)

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