This Is What It Looks Like When A Sperm Whale Takes An Explosive Diarrhea Dump Out In The Middle Of The Ocean

Ever read that book Everybody Poops? Well that book wasn’t lying. People poop, dogs poop, birds poop and apparently so do sperm whales, and when sperm whales unleash their butthole krakens that whole part of the ocean turns into a giant poo party.

Two divers near the island of Dominica were lucky to experience that gif above firsthand, and by “lucky” I mean “If either one of them had a poop fetish then they may as well have died and gone to heaven.” According to the Telegraph,

“The water was like chocolate milk…I couldn’t see my hand when I held it in front of my face…poop in my eyes, mouth, wetsuit, everywhere and I was soaked in it from head to toe.”

One of the divers went on to say that “I don’t know anyone that has had this happen. It very well could be the first time that it has been photographically documented.” While I’m not sure if you’d put that achievement on your résumé, I’m sure it would make for some lovely table talk at your next holiday gathering.

[H/T Telegraph and Death And Taxes]