Here’s Video of the Spire Traveling to the Top of the New World Trade Center

(To the 45 Canadians who emailed in and said the CN Tower is a taller building: 1. Thank you for your readership. 2. We admire your patriotism. 3. You're wrong. The CN Tower is a tower, which, in engineering terms, means the bulk of it isn't suitable for humans to live or work in. The WTC is a building. It's made for people to live and work in. It and the CN Tower are two different things.

This is like that idiotic Sports Science series that tried to prove Michael Jordan is a better athlete than Michael Phelps. You can't compare the two. They're not even playing on the same land surface. Anyway.) 

This nine-minute video comes to us from an HD Go Pro attached to the top of the spire. You watch it go up a dizzying height, and the resulting view is something previously reserved, as Slate says, “for the likes of King Kong, Spider-Man, and a handful of dudes from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.” Any people squeamish at heights might find their keyboards soaked with sweat. Everyone, though, will feel some twinge of pride.

[H/T: Slate]