We Demand You Tell Us a Better Spring Break Story Than This

OK, onto the ramblings of a guy without a comma on his keyboard …

So i pack my bags for top spot puerto vallarta mexico for a massive wedding 90 people. were staying at the Riu and im with my brother in one room. one day were drinking in the pool all wasted and my bro starts talking with this girl hard 7. after a feww minutes he vanishes with this chick. hour later i meet up with this girl maybe a drunk 7 huge sunglass tan but nice body and a set of knockers. We make way to my room when i open the door and see my bro railing on a that chick from the pool, he head nods me and says give me 20. in desperate state i look at a door that leads to the roof, BINGO bring this chick up on to the roof of this massive hotel and hammer away as we take in the people walking around below! come down 30 min later as her knees are scratched up and walk in my room as my bro says “hows the knees” throws her a towel and away she went!

OK, the takeaway there is he banged a chick on the roof of a hotel. That was actually the plot of “The Hangover” before they changed it.

We’ll have a juicier tale tomorrow. We promise.