A Bro Becomes a Real Cuban Dick-tator, Enjoys a Sex on the Beach

One spring break, myself and 9 other of my bros from Canada head down to Cuba for a week of booze, chicks, and decisions we will probably regret.

The first 6 days of the trip were great, everyone was getting lucky, partying hard, and chillin at the beach.
On the last night our resort wasn't hosting much of a party so we headed next door because they were hosting a beach party. Shit got messy pretty quick. The rum was goin down like water and before ya knew it everyone was pretty blackout. I spot this tight little blonde wearin a bikini top with a plaid skirt. It was a schoolgirl fantasy comin true.

We shoot the shit for a while, grab some more drinks and hit the makeshift dancefloor set up on the beach. After gettin my dick grinded off, we decide to head back to my resort, which she was stayin at anyways. There were no cabs around at this time so we were forced to walk. It was about a 15 minute walk along this sketchy cuban highway.

The whole way were makin out a bit and then suddenly she stops and drops to her knees and starts blowing me in the middle of the road. Im lovin every minute of it, and as its happenin a cab goes by on the other side of the road, 2 of my buddies lean out the window and start cheering.

After she finishes up, we make it back to the resort and decide to go to the beach. She says sex on the beach has always been on her sex bucket list, well I certainly wont argue with her request. I hop on a beach chair, and she proceeds to ride the fuck outta me. Not a bad way to finish off my last night in Cuba.

Remember to send in your awesome spring break stories. Your legend deserves to live on.