Girls Tell The Most Ratchet Thing They’ve Done On Spring Break And Wow There’s Been A Lot Of Sex On Panama City Beach

The pranksters over at FoolinTv took time out of their hilarious hijinx to take things more seriously and interview some lovely ladies on Spring Break at Panama City Beach. They had one question for the sexy Spring Breakers, “What’s the most ratchet thing you have done on Spring Break?” The answers were extremely titillating and shockingly had a lot to do with fucking.

  • Had a four-way on the beach. (Spread the wealth)
  • Fucked three guys on the beach and the balcony. (It really makes sense to pay extra for a balcony room)
  • Let some guy lick whipped cream off my vagina. (Mmmm sugar-coated STD’s)
  • I haven’t done anything ratchet, probably show my titties. (Mom would be proud)
  • A girl getting eaten out on the roof. (3-Story High Club)
  • A girl getting her asshole licked. (Dangerous propitiation with all that drinking going on and that 3 a.m. Taco Bell hangover food being consumed)
  • Fucked a guy without a condom. (That always ends well)
  • Five-second blowies! (I’d give her two seconds back)
  • All I did is let three different guys lick my nipples, but that’s it. (The nun convention is in the next town over)
  • Gave an ugly guy her number. But it was to boost his confidence. (Doing the Lord’s work)

So, I’m ordering my plane tickets to Panama City as I type.

Sparking up conversations about orgies on the beach with wasted hot chicks in bikinis seems like a way better gig than doing pranks that might get your head bashed in by someone who can’t take a joke. Guys, ditch the pranks and just talk to drunk chicks.