Watch A Squid Birth A Thousand Squid Babies Through Its Squid Snatch Then Sign This Petition To Kill The Ocean



Man. Fuck the ocean.

I have adamantly argued in favor of draining the ocean, lest we eventually be destroyed be sentient squids, dolphins, narwhals and octopi.

They are coming for us, and sure, maybe removing all the water from the Earth would be detrimental to the human race in the short term (like when they nuked the skies in The Matrix), but it’s the only surefire way to ensure no ocean-dwelling animal ever eats you.

And I don’t want to be eaten by an ocean-dwelling animal. At least not while I’m alive.

But they are coming, reproducing like fucking WHOA. Just look how many squids come squidin’ out of this squid’s sac.

A thousand new enemies birthed in a instance, a thousand new enemies we now must kill.

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