Remember To Be Happy That A Hobo At McDonalds Didn’t Stab You While You Tried To Propose To Your GF

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No matter what sort of awful press McDick’s gets in the news, I will still eat there. The food is shitty and has a 99% chance of making you horrendously fat? The meat is actually pink slime? The burgers and fries don’t grow mold? Don’t care, still gonna order Bacon McDoubles at 3 a.m. like it’s mah jobbb. But now we have another PR McDick’s nightmare, involving a homeless Florida dude stabbing another dude who’d just biked all the way there from Maryland and was just tryna eat and then go propose to his girlfriend.

A man who was cycling from Maryland to Miami to propose to his girlfriend has been stabbed to death by a homeless man after stopping for a snack at a McDonald’s.

Police officers found an engagement ring in Kevin Adorno’s pocket when they rushed to the fast-food restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida, on Monday evening.

Adorno had been on the phone to his girlfriend when he was attacked without warning by Rene Herrera Cruz, who told police that he thought Adorno was plotting to kill him, authorities said…

Adorno, from Farmington in Connecticut, had left home in mid-August to complete his dream of cycling down the east coast. Last year, he and his sister had cycled from Maine to Maryland, and this year, he planned to finish the rest of the journey…

His girlfriend, Elyse, had planned to fly down and meet him 20 miles from his destination so that she could finish the journey with him. When they reached Miami, he had planned to propose to her.

But on Monday evening, he stopped at the restaurant to charge his phone and get a snack, WPBF reported. A witness said he went outside to use his phone when he was attacked around 9.30pm.

Police said he was repeatedly stabbed in the arm and chest and, as he began losing a lot of blood, he collapsed near a bathroom.

‘Although EMS and Fire Rescue also assisted in the attempts to save Adorno, he succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced deceased a short time later at the IRMH,’ police said.

Via Daily Mail

I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here, but I’m not quite sure what it is. I’ve narrowed it down to these three:

1. Don’t ride your bike to McDonalds
2. Homeless people are fucking insane
3. I don’t care what sort of bullshit goes down at McDick’s, I will still eat there

Take your pick.

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