Bro Debates: If You Pee At A Stall Instead Of A Urinal, Do You Leave The Door Open Or Shut?



Today on Twitter our good buddy Cooper Fleishman, a #mediabro, asked an age-old etiquette question that we’ve discussed a lot in BroBible HQ over the years. It’s baffled mankind since dudes started peeing in bathrooms to be considered “civilized” rather outside in the wild wherever the fuck we please like the animals that we really are.

Door open or door shut?

Our own David Covucci, a member of the media Twitter elite, was the first to weigh-in on Team #LeaveItOpen

He was quickly followed by other members of #MediaBro Twitter, an elite fraternity of Twitter power #thinkfluencers that only card-carrying members of the #bloggingilluminati can enter:

Because BroBible exists almost entirely for this sort of subject, we opened this important conversation up to BroBible community. Responses were varied:

Speaking of that, @claymedic, David once wrote something on the subject…

I’m avidly team #DoorClosed, though I’ve definitely cheated in our own office out of laziness or for conversation purposes.

Discuss in the comments and vote in our Twitter poll:

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