You Know Those States That Hate the Gays? They Watch the Most Videos of Gays Having Sex

PornHub (who is just doing a yeoman’s work on the porn data these days), analyzed state-level information to see who is searching for the most gay porn in America. Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE; it’s the American South.

According to PornHub, which teamed up with BuzzFeed to release the results, the highest number of gay porn searches come out of Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia—5.58 percent, 5.44 percent, and 5.38 percent, respectively.

Man, that’s like the top troika of intolerance right there. But it’s not just that. The whole South is just crushing gay porn.

Every southern state had more gay porn searches than the average in states where same-sex marriage is legal. In general, states with gay marriage bans watch 7 percent more gay porn than states where gay marriage is legal.

This could be for a lot of reasons, pretty much all bad.

  1. Gay people in those states feel unsafe, and get their fixes alone instead of going out and meeting people.
  2. Intolerant assholes are intolerant because they are actually gay and hate themselves.
  3. The American South is so homophobic that they won’t even watch pornography with penises in it and all this traffic is coming from lesbian porn.

My guess is it’s a mix of one, two and three. As for three, though, if you are into lesbian having sex, you shouldn’t be against gay men having sex. There’s literally nothing different between the two.


[Via Opposing Views]