Steve Harvey Gave An Incredible Spontaneous Speech About Taking Risks And Overcoming Failure On ‘Family Feud’

A wise man once told me that Faith is taking the first step without seeing the entire staircase. Ok, I read that on a girl’s AIM profile in eighth grade. But still, the message is important–taking risks can expose deficiencies in ourselves, thus we make trivial excuses for ourselves to avoid the perceived imminent failure and for no other reasons than comfort, complacency, and inertia, we meddle in a life we never wanted for ourselves for far longer than we intended.

Personally, I struggled (and still do) with taking leaps without the safety net of knowing my parachute will open. I was at a job in the finance industry in Boston for five years, ya know, just doing it, making excuses as to why I couldn’t detach myself from it (the pay, the lack of time to search for something else, blah blah), when the real issue was that I was avoiding having the difficult conversation with myself.

After a particularly numbing day at the office, I decided I was going to give my two weeks and pick up and move to New York City. Naturally, my family and friends were like “Bro, you sure?” and the fact of the matter is I wasn’t. But I truly believed that I wasn’t going to change or get better without constructing some hurdles for myself. I moved to NYC with no job and a blog that very few people read. I had a lot of time to freelance for BroBible and right before I was going to run out of money, JCamm took a chance on me (which he may or may not regret) and brought me on full time. Now I’m writing on the internets with some great bros. And Rebecca.

Now I’m spending all my money on take out, slowly getting fat, overpaying for a shitty Manhattan apartment, and swiping on Tinder until my fingers bleed. Never been better.

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