Man Quits Boring Job As An Accountant To Become ‘Stock Trader Superman,’ Earning Over A Million Dollars THIS YEAR

by 3 years ago


Everyone dreams of escaping the rat race to live life on their own terms. After all, modern corporate life can be hell: A boss breathing fire and brimstone down your neck over Excel spreadsheet deadlines, Bruce from accounting busting your balls over expense reports, the never-ending desire to escape the cubicle farm at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon before Sally the tattletale reports you to HR. The thing that keeps most people complacent in the daily office grind is the financial security that comes with the 9-to-5 life.

Paul Scolardi is a escapist of that corporate culture.  Call him a survivor, if you will. Working in corporate finance out of college as a CPA, he helped other people get rich. Then he cashed out those chips to make money for himself, becoming a successful stock trader and the CEO of a stock trading education company called Super Trades. Because he looks like Clark Kent, he’s earned the nickname “The Superman of Wall Street” and has a portfolio to backup that claim — He’s made over a million dollars this year in trades, according to a talk he did with the Huffington Post.

“Almost as good as having the money is being your own boss, I can’t stress that enough,” he tells me on the phone. “I enjoy my independence, making my own schedule, working from anywhere. I usually travel around to Miami, New York , Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Austin, and Vegas and trade stocks because I can office out of anywhere. And as far as the money goes, it’s not necessarily that it brings happiness but I’m able to help my family out, as an example I’ve bought a couple family members cars this year. I fly my friends around on trips to major cities — kind of like of Entourage.”



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