Twelve Year-Old Arrested For Stealing A School Bus And Going To Walmart, Released, Then Promptly Steals Another One

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If I ever felt the need to steal a school bus, the last place I’d drive to would be Walmart. What, I took all that time and effort just so I could go buy cheap plastic shit from China? Target’s where it’s at yo, they have the same cheap plastic shit but they charge MORE for it so I don’t feel like such white trash when I’m there! Wins all around…except for 12 year-old Michael Propst.

” Back in June, Michael Propst was stopped after he drove a Bay School District bus 14 miles to Walmart and employees noticed he was having trouble parking it. Then they noticed he was 12.
“[It was] like he’d never drove one before,” one witness told the News Herald.
Propst was charged with grand theft and criminal mischief, and appeared in court Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, police say, he took his aunt’s car to Parker Elementary school, stole another bus, and then drove it for more than two hours.
He was eventually caught in Franklin County.
“Our initial reaction was ‘oh no, not again,'” Parker police chief Charles Sweatt told WMBB.

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Propst made it a whopping 55 miles before getting pulled over yet again, and even made it through an area where traffic signals weren’t working and instead police were directing traffic. He’s now facing additional charges, but we gotta applaud the kid for at least not getting caught at Walmart the second time around. That’d just be embarrassing.

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