Stoned Bro Chats With Coolest Eat 24/7 Customer Service Rep While Waiting For His Late Night Munchies To Arrive

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BroBible Reader Tip

The people who work in customer service at food delivery websites like Grubhub, Seamless, Eat24hours, etc tend to be really chill people. There are some huge assholes out there in the world who will freak out on them for little things that are completely out of their control, like a restaurant accidentally leaving onions on a sandwich when they ordered it without. Once I called Seamless at 2AM when I realized I sent an order of mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers to my office, not my apartment. They were totally cool —- if not downright pleasant about the whole thing. It’s a thankless job.

One BroBible reader recently smoked up and ordered some late night munchies over While waiting, he hit up the customer service option to ask when his food would arrive. Here’s what went down, according to our tipster:

“So I was out with some boys and we got really stoned and went to big daddy’s. At the time, I was satisfied with the chicken fingers and black and white milk shake. After getting home and coming down a bit, I realized my pax was still packed with some bud, so I went up to my roof and smoked. After I came back down, I ordered some food from a diner down the block using EAT24. Being stoned, I wanted my food right away. I decided to use the “customer service” tool and see where my order was. I let the customer service representative let him know I was stoned and hungry, which resulted in a conversation that kept me occupied until my food arrived. 5 star rating for this representative.

All customer service representatives should be like this guy.  What a model employee:


BroBible Reader Tip

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What an awesome, pleasant dude. Rhymes like dimes.

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