Two Stoners Call 911 After Getting Lost In…I Can’t Even Type It I’m Laughing So Hard



I mean look, we’ve all been stoned before and taken things we shouldn’t and “seen” things we probably shouldn’t (both real and imagined) but few of us have probably been as out of our minds as these Canucks.

Police in Barrie, Ontario, Canada said two men called 911 when they couldn’t find their way out of a bush. The men, allegedly high on an illicit drug, couldn’t find their way out of a shrub.

The simple phone call actually set off a firestorm of activity — because what else really happens in Barrie? — and according to The Star in Canada the Barrie PD and EMS, with the help of dogs, finally found the two 19-year-old men. When they did, Bob and Doug McKenzie were “silently staring off into the sky.”

Police stated it took “several attempts” to get the men to admit they consumed an illicit drug and were extremely disoriented.

The men were taken to the hospital to ensure their safety. The bush was unharmed but completely shaken.

[via The Star]