Watch Straight Dudes Touch Another Man’s Penis For The First Time If You Are Really Desperate For Something To Do

by 3 years ago

Do you hate it when people jump on a bandwagon for no other purpose other than to cash in easily on people’s success? Well then look no further than the Internet, where one website will put out a video along the lines of Gay Men Touch Boobs For The First Time” or “Grandmas Smoking Pot For The First Time,” and then 500 OTHER websites will produce lame variations, like “Grandmas Do Shots Of Fireball” or “Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time.” All almost literally the exact same video as the first, except the novelty is now gone and the cheap attempt at making it “new” again by tweaking the video’s “hook” now looks weak in comparison.

So why am I posting this video? Because regardless of how lame and bandwagon-esque it is, you can still watch it if you’re bored and really, really desperate for something to do. Sure you could clean your room, file your taxes, go to the gym, etc…but those are all hard work. No, you want something easy and stupid to kill time with, and that something easy and stupid is this video. So enjoy, until you get to the end and realize what a waste of time watching this stupid thing was and then talk yourself into watching yet another dumb video because again, fuck cleaning, fuck the gym and fuck doing your taxes.

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