Hilarious Using Strangers’ Phone To Make Drug Deal Prank Doesn’t End How You’d Think Or Maybe It Does

Why someone would give a stranger their phone is beyond me. They could steal it. They could run up your phone bill by calling Mongolia. Not to mention the germs and potential to catch contagious diseases! However there are people in this world that are actually kind, or as I like to call “gullible.” The generosity from these nice individuals gets taken advantage of in this fantastic prank.

YouTube prankster Vitaly is back with his latest prank that has a roller coaster of emotions for his victims. He asks strangers on the streets of Los Angeles if he can borrow their phone to make a call because his phone died. When they oblige he appears to have a conversation about making a large drug deal.

It’s amazing how many people don’t mind that an illegal drug transaction is going down on their traceable phone. Then after the drug deal is made, some of the people inquire about Vitaly’s inventory of drugs that include Xanax, coke, heroin, molly and quaaludes. However that’s when the prankster snags them, he reveals that he is an undercover narc and that they are under arrest.

One dummy inquires about buying coke, and then straight up asks him, “You’re not the police are you?” He must be one of these ignorant fuckfaces that thinks that if he asks if they are a cop that they have no case against him even AFTER he verbally asked to buy cocaine.

When Vitaly tells a dude that his phone is probably being tracked by police after the deal goes sour, he defiantly says, “Fuck the police.”

There are a few gentlemen who take exception to a drug deal being orchestrated on their phones, and they tussle over the phone.

After using one fella’s phone to sell narcotics, Vitaly doesn’t sell him drugs, but the stranger offers him a blow job. So it appears that all was not lost on this day.

Back in March, Vitaly did a similar prank, but it was a bit more sinister. He borrowed the phone of strangers and made a ransom demand for the person he had kidnapped. Glad to see that he has seen the light and gone from human trafficking to selling drugs.