Sweet Street Justice: Bully Gets Knocked Out Cold After Attacking Kid Just Minding His Business

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Here is your Feel Good Video of the Day. This bully deserved what was coming to him after he attacked a kid who was just walking down the street.

I don’t know what provoked this attack, maybe it was this kid’s snazzy backpack. Whatever the stupid reason, the bully got in three sucker punch elbow shots to the head of the poor kid. They both went to the ground during the fracas. They two are separated, and the kid takes off his flamboyant backpack. That’s when the tide fucking turns. The kid pushes the bully to the ground then smashes him with a nasty knee.


The kid then ends the fight by kicking the bully right in his stupid face.


The bully gets knocked out cold and the kid goes on his merry way with his backpack.

Lesson learned: Don’t fuck with a kid who has the confidence to rock an orange leopard print backpack.