Sad Day For Architecture: Strip Club In The Shape Of Two Gigantic Titties Is To Be Torn Down

A Winter Park, Florida ‘night club’ that’s been home to various strip clubs throughout the years is reportedly being bought by the city over market value so the city can tear it down and rid themselves of the gigantic boob stains they so despise.

Some people (myself) are calling it ‘the greatest architectural achievement of the 20th century’, other are calling it a stain on the city of Winter Park. Sadly for the latter, they don’t realize that Winter Park is actually one giant skid mark of a poop stain in central Florida, and it’s always been that way. Knocking down a building as magnificent as this won’t change that at all.

From ClickOrlando:

A night spot with a history of alleged criminal activity, which boasts a rather “voluptuous” architectural design, could be torn down in a matter of months.

The building that now houses Club Rio, located near the entrance to Winter Park on Lee Road, has seen several strip clubs over the span of 40 years. It’s best known to residents as its original name, The Booby Trap, which also described its domed design, resembling a woman’s breasts.

A more recent name residents recognize is Club Harem, which battled with the city over several issues.

In a lawsuit filed against the city of Winter Park in 2010, the club claimed police officers bullied their employees and used illegal tactics to try to shut them down. In 2006, police arrested six Club Harem workers and three customers on drug charges.

No adult-oriented business will be allowed to open at the location, according to the city’s code.

“I hate that building,” said resident Diesta Gundacker. “I remember it when I was younger and we used to pass by.”

David McDaniel agreed with her.

“It’s a little embarrassing for the city of Winter Park to have that at one of its main entrances,” he said. “With Lee Road and Interstate 4 there, it’s one of the ways we get here on a daily basis.”

The building’s owners, 2600 Lee Road Property, LLC, said they want the city to pay $990,000 for the site.

City spokeswoman Clarissa Howard told Local 6 recent appraisals have assessed the value at $830,000, but the city may go ahead with the deal anyway.

‘Oh, you don’t like dem tig ‘ol bitties poppin’ out right into the road? Well f*ck you, pay me.’ … is basically how these negotiations are going.

But can you REALLY put a price on a building as magnificent as this? Shouldn’t we be trying to get this recognized by the National Register Of Historic Places instead? Surely this mammary palace deserves a spot on that list, no?

For more on the story you can head on over HERE to Click Orlando.


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