Watch This Horrible Woman Stub Out Her Cigarette On A TV Reporter’s Face And Realize There Is No Hope For Humanity

All Alex Bernhardt was trying to do was conduct an interview and what does she get? A lit cigarette stubbed out on her face. Lovely. Good to see that the human race can always find new and creative ways to hit fantastic lows that I never even knew existed. According to Daily Mail,

Nine Network journalist Alex Bernhardt was attempting to speak to a woman who had been supporting murder suspect Stevee Lee Kennedy at Caboolture Court on Monday morning.

Video shows Ms Bernhardt recoiling in horror as the woman paused and rubbed her cigarette in the journalist’s right cheek.

‘Just had a woman stub her lit cigarette into my face at Caboolture Court… Charming,’ Ms Bernhardt tweeted.

You can take some solace in the fact that the woman was charged with public nuisance and has a court date on July 23rd, but still. Faces are friends, not ashtrays.

[H/T Daily Mail]